Let HIPAA Watchdog help you generate additional revenue.

Partnering with HIPAA Watchdog can create significant value for managed IT firms and healthcare managed services organizations (MSO’s). By being a HIPAA Watchdog partner, your organization can service the compliance needs of your clients. HIPAA Watchdog partners not only get a revenue share of their clients’ subscriptions, but also generate additional revenue for addressing compliance needs of their clients.

Below are some of the benefits that partners and their clients can get from signing up with HIPAA Watchdog.

  • Partner Benefits
  • Enhanced product offerings for your clients
  • Prevent clients from seeking Compliance support elsewhere
  • Increased revenues from sales and from referrals
  • Expert Support for clients.
  • Affiliation with a recognized nationwide brand e2o Health and products
  • Access to greater number of clients
  • Education and training on HIPAA Watchdog processes
  • Expert customer support from HIPAA Watchdog
  • Build your reputation by offering clients the best product available for comprehensive HIPAA compliance.
  • Client Benefits
  • Clients can focus on Medicine rather than Compliance
  • HIPAA Expert guided Security Risk Assessments and risk correction management.
  • Single portal that tracks all compliance efforts
  • Audit Preparation documentation
  • Employee training on HIPAA and OSHA
  • Cyber security training, Vulnerability scanning and Penetration testing
  • Vendor risk management
  • OIG Exclusion checks on Employees and vendors

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HIPAA Watchdog Fact Sheet

Features Description Annual Subscription includes
HIPAA Risk Assessments HIPAA Watchdog allows a Covered Entity or Business Associate to conduct their own Privacy and Security assessments.
Risk Management HIPAA Watchdog assessments result in an organization’s Risk Management Plan based on risks and ratings identified in the assessments. You can store and update your ongoing Privacy and Security Risk improvements as you implement them in this plan.
Policies and Procedures Development HIPAA Watchdog allows you to develop and maintain your health center’s Security Policies and Procedures.
HIPAA Compliance for Employees Training and the ability to track employees’ completion of their annual HIPAA training is included in the Organization Profile. HIPAA Watchdog also allows you to document any sanction imposed on your employees for HIPAA violations.
HIPAA Compliance for Vendors HIPAA Watchdog allows organizations to send and track their Vendors’ Business Associate Agreements (BAAs).
HIPAA Watchdog Alerts Automatic notifications remind you when it’s time to update specific measures in your organization to remain HIPAA compliant.
Secure Email Send and receive secure emails from one account for free or sign-up for multiple accounts.
Expert Support Live help combined with support from a certified Security Expert ensure you understand and comply with the national privacy and security standards.
  • Officially launched on June 8, 2015, Over 100 customers have already used HIPAA Watchdog with complete satisfaction. HIPAA Watchdog is the only HIPAA security compliance product that comprehensively addresses all of an organization’s privacy and security compliance needs from a single portal.


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